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Dirt Biking Trail Report: Truckee, Ca - Prosser Reservoir Area

April 17, 2018

Spring here!!..... Supposedly. Like you we are anxious to get out there and ride our dirt bikes in the beautiful Tahoe National Forest. But first we had to check the trails and roads - Where did we go? We went to the Prosser Reservoir area in Truckee, which has the best trail riding for beginner dirt bike riders. Prosser also has an area called Prosser Pits OHV with a large and small motocross track free to the public, a great place to park and watch the kids ride around.


Last Tuesday, April 10, the sun was out, we hadn't had any weather for a few days so we decided it was a good time to scope out the trails and roads just to see how they were drying out. What we found was this.



The dirt roads were mostly dry but in some areas there we large mud puddles filling most of the road and occasionally snow. The trails were much of the same, a muddy sticky mess. Not something we would suggest a beginner dirt biker try and take on.




Upon further investigation we found that in some areas there were creeks, where there aren't normally any, and much larger water crossings than normal for the area - So if you go ride be prepared to have wet feet.


Now, keep in mind that since we went out - seven days ago - the area has seen a few days of rain and about eight inches of snow as of yesterday so the conditions have not gotten any better. We are even looking at a bit more rain on Thursday April 19th in Truckee, but nothing after that, just warmer weather to dry out the trails.


Unfortunately it looks like the riding season in the Truckee area and the surrounding areas will have to wait another seven days till the Tahoe National Forest Services' April 24th season open to give it time to dry out. If you are still amp'd to ride and don't mind an hours drive there is great riding down in North East Reno around Moon Rocks in Nevada's high desert.


That's it. Check back again as we will be doing more of these trail reports in the future.


This report was brought to you by the Moto Tahoe Team - Providing the best dirt bike rentals in Lake Tahoe/Truckee area.


Contact us to set up your next dirt bike adventure in Lake Tahoe - Truckee - Reno areas.



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